So because Stephen was staying at the Marriott it did not seem odd or weird for Stephen to as the young Michelle if she would like to go for drinks back at his hotel and meet the senator as well. Michelle replied that she would love to go back for drinks and meet the senator the short amount of time it took to convince Michelle to come back to the hotel kind of bugged Stephen a little and really confirmed his oath he had made to himself to never have children. The thought of his college age daughter being wined dined and sixty nined by some old codger like Thomas Strong made his skin crawl. She was technically an adult so no laws were being broken but this was simply wrong. Stephen shrugged off the thought and told himself that he worked for the idea and principles not necessarily the man.
Thomas Strong hadn’t even changed out of the tuxedo he had worn for his wife’s charity dinner, Thomas rushed from the charity and straight to the hotel so there wasn’t time to change and Thomas figured that the tuxedo would help with making an impression with the big breasted blonde coed from the rally. Stephen and Michelle walked straight to the table that the solitary senator was sitting. “Thomas, sit down and introduce me to this beautiful young lady.” The senator stood from his seat shook Stephens hand and with his free hand pointed to an open chair. Stephen released the senators hand sat down. Senator Strong this is Michelle Grant she is a graduate student and most importantly a democrat and fan of the you sir. The senator gave Michelle a hug and a kiss on the cheek. “Michelle I don’t know you but I think we are going to really hit things off! So MIchelle lets get to know each other better sit down I’ll order some wine and we can get to know each other.” Michelle sat down followed by Stephen and then the senator. A waiter came to the senators side and the senator requested a bottle of the restaurants best wine. This was the unwritten cue for Stephen to take his leave and let the senator work his magic. “Well sir, I have a lot of work to do, and I see the wine is out I am going to leave you and MIchelle alone here. Michelle it was wonderful meeting you. I am going to leave you in the capable hands of the fine senator here. Stephen cocked his eyebrows at the beautiful coed and she shook her head at Stephen. With the shake of Michelle’s head and the shake of the senators hand Stephen left. The senator made small talk with Michelle, he asked about her classes and she went on and on about her admiration and respect for the senator. After a bottle of win fillet minion and chicken parmesan. The senator made his move. “How about we take this party upstairs?” Michelle nodded her head in agreement and the duo left the Red River Inn at the Fort Wayne Indiana Mariott. Within less than forty five minutes, of the big breasted coed being introduced to the senator, both the senator and Michelle were naked and in his hotel bed. The senator couldn’t remember when he started to enjoy chocking the people he shared his bed with. He couldn’t put a date on the moment, but he could remember the moment like it was yesterday. While in Indianapolis at a convention tghe senator stopped at a local strip club. The Crazy Horse was the clubs name and there was a young dancer there. Diamond had blond hair and big breasts, this was like the senators kryponite. It was no mistake that in almost the same parking lot of the strip club there was a seedy pay by the hour type of hotel. It was common knowledge that the with the purchase of a bottle and renting a room for the night at the seedy motel would get you laid. The senator did both those things that night. Diamond was on top of the senator naked and she reached down and put both her hands around the senators throat. The senator was going to stop the stripper turned call girl but what she was doing with the rest of her body made was something he did not want to stop, and when he reached sexual climax with her hands around his throat he never felt more alive! Every inch of all his skin was tingling. Later that night diamond grabbed the senators hands and placed them around her throat. He was not aroused but his hands around her throat was making her get in the mood. She was moaning and moving in such an erotic way that the senator was quickly put in the mood too. The senator realized that night that he enjoyed the act of auto erotic asphyxiation, at least that was what it was called on an HBO TV special he and mrs. Strong had watched together. He remembered her commenting on how perverse the act was and that she could not understand how someone could enjoy something so tawdry and perverse. He was tempted to ask her she had ever tried it he thought maybe she would like to, but he knew that the marriage was just a business now. Mrs. Strong may not have thought much of the act but the young Michelle Grant seemed to truly enjoy the senator chocking her while he was inside of her. Michelle even grabbed the senators hands and encouraged him to choke her harder. She had never had a partner choke her while he was inside her before and she was surprised at how good it felt. She was enjoying it so much she didn’t want the senator to stop. Every inch of her skin was tingling she was fading in and out of conciseness it was like a dream but then, she started to feel her heart beat she actually could feel it pumping in her chest. She was starting to worry and then she felt her shoulders become tight it was as if she was in gym class trying and failing to do a pull up. Then she became entirely dizzy and tired. Michelle had stopped moaning and her grip on the the senators hands became much tighter and then the senator felt nothing. Michelle was unresponsive and listless. the senator jumped up off the young lady he reached out to her neck and felt for a pulse there was nothing. He fell off the bed to the floor and fished out his cellphone from his pants pocket. He called 911 explained where he was and what was happening. The dispatcher on the other end told the senator to remain calm the senator did, the dispatcher then talked the senator through proper CPR procedures. With every breath of the senators into the young ladies lungs he could see here bare chest rise and fall, after the breathes he would place his hands palm down two inches from the bottom of the woman’s rib cage he would push and release to the rhythm of the song “staying alive” by the BeGees. The senator kept up this routine for what felt like an eternity, but in reality only 4 minutes had passed since Michelle grant had experienced a heart attack. When the paramedics arrived Michelle was breathing but barely. The first call made from the senators cell phone after the heart attack was to 911 and the second call was to Calvin Mitchell.
It was three thirty in the morning and Calvin Mitchell was fully asleep. He had been having some trouble sleeping for the last two weeks now, so much trouble he had went to his doctor for some help and he had prescribed some sleeping pills. Calvin had not take the pills because he had decided to try to get his rest the natural way. If Calvin had taken the pills it is certain that he would not have been awakened by the three thirty am call from the senator from Indiana. The screaming ringing phone broke the silent atmosphere of the Georgetown townhouse Calvin Mitchell had purchased and closed on three years ago. Calvin sat bolt upright ripped by the intrusive ringing phone from his far to elusive sleep. Calvin Mitchell was a Georgetown resident whose professional title was consultant, he started a consultancy firm in the DC area, but his unofficial title was a fixer. Calvin was the guy people like Thomas Strong called when they did things like choke coeds while in the process of passion until they have a heart attack. “Hello this is Calvin.” Despite being so late and tired Calvin Mitchells sounded composed and lucid. This state took the senator a little off guard but he didn’t have time, to be concerned with Calvin Mitchell’s state he had to let “the fixer” know what happened that he needed his help tonight to make this all disappear. He had told Calvn all of that when Calvins next question shot fear into his spine. “Have you been arrested yet?” Thomas Strong had not even thought he would be arrested, the girl had a heart attack he didn’t assault her and the way Calvin asked yet really made him afraid. He had never been to jail as an inmate before he had been at jails in Indiana to celebrate their opening and he had been at jails as part of some campaign trails but never never as an inmate. Calvin was asking a question he hadn’t even thought about he called the right guy.”No the police aren’t even here yet.” Thomas looked around at the hotel room, the paramedics were wheeling out a gurney with and sure enough as soon as the paramedics left the room. Police were coming in through the door. Calvin had a cool calm voice as he spoke. While speaking he was getting dressed grabbing a bag and booking a flight to Fort Wayne Indiana. “Ok, look when they arrest you, exercise your right to remain silent. When asked any questions let them know you will not answer any questions until your attorney is present. I am getting you an attorney now he is one of the best and I should be there in a few hours. I will have a bunch of questions for you when I get there. First let me get you out of jail. See you in a few hours. Good bye Senator.” Thomas had just hung up with Calvin and the police were asking questions. Thomas wasn’t arrested yet so he figured he could answer questions now without causing much problems. He let the officers know that he had just meet the girl tonight that they were in the middle of having sex when she had her heart attack. He told them that he called nine one one and that he followed the directions of the operator on the line and did CPR. As Thomas told the story he knew he wasn’t getting arrested, he had saved the girls life, for christ’s sake. While Thomas spoke the police officers nodded their heads up and down and took notes in small notebooks they had. Not to soon after telling the story to the officer another man in jeans and a dress shirt with a badge hanging around his neck on the same type of chain that held soldiers dog tags came through the door. The man introduced himself as detective Cline. Thomas told the same story to the detective that he told to the two officers. The detective asked Thomas questions about drug use that night, to which Thomas told the detective no. The officer walked around the room while he spoke with the senator asking questions. Thomas didn’t mind talking with the officers but he felt as though the detective was judging him the whole time during his questioning and he was doing it with a rather copious amount of disdain. The questioning felt to Thomas more like a interrogation than questioning. “Alright mr. Strong today is your lucky day. I am not going to charge you, but I need to know when you are leaving town.” Thomas told the arrogant prick that he was leaving town in the morning. He explained that he was on a campaign and the next stop was Auburn Indiana. The detective asked Thomas if he was sure the campaign trail was still a good idea considering what had just happened and that was when Thomas was sure that he hated this detective. “Is it going to be a problem me leaving town, detective Cline? If you would like I can have my campaign manager Stephen Hunt e-mail you my campaign trail schedule.” The detective let him know that this would be a good thing. Thomas called Stephen and had him e-mail the detective the schedule. Stephen did this without questioning he was sure there was really good story and reason that the senator was asking him to e-mail the schedule to this Cline fellow, but it was almost four thirty in the morning and Stephen didn’t care enough to ask he just fired off the e-mail and climbed back into his hotel bed. The detective checked his phone and saw the e-mail from the senators aid he looked at the e-mail back at the senator and then he had the officers who were not complete pricks slap handcuffs on then senator. He let him know he wasn’t being charged yet he just wanted to bring him in for some more questioning. Thomas was not sure what was happening he wasn’t being charged but he was being arrested. He had no idea how this could be happening. But it was!! he had wished he hadn’t spoke with the officers or the detective, he wished he had listened to Calvin and kept his mouth shut. Ten hours away at the same moment senator Thomas Strong was being helped into the back of a police car Calvin Mitchell was boarding a plane in Washington, D.C. In DC less than five minutes from the Dulles international airport at Buzzard Point, Rico Borjages was standing at five thirty in the morning supervising the unloading of stolen merchandise from the back of a semi truck, completely unaware that, Vladamir Glinka was eyeing him through the scope of his FR F2 rifle. in a mere matter of second Rico would be only a memory and Valdamir would disassemble his favorite rifle go home and drink until he passed out. Drinking was the only way he could get to sleep at night, unless he had a female visitor than after there action between the sheets he would find sweet sleep, but when a beautiful woman’s bosom was not available he found that alcohol did the trick. Someone looking at Vladmir’s life from the outside may say that his choice in careers caused the sleepless nights but truth be told what caused Vladimirs sleepless nights was history. Vladmir had a tragic history. Vladimir and his sister Natalia worked in their dads jewelry store after school in Reutov Russia, until his father was taken away one night by Russian soldiers. The jewelry shop was closed and Vladimir and Natalia were taken away to live in an orphanage. The orphanage was horrible Vladimir and his sister were always hungry and wer physically abused. It was Natalia’s idea to run away while at school. It was easy to run away and since orphans cost money and in the mid eighties the Russian government was short on money there was not an exhaustive effort to find two orphans. Running away and staying away was easy but surviving wasn’t. The two were even more hingry now then when they were in the orphanage. They slept under the bridge, ate at the soup kitchens. It was at one of the many soup kitchens that Vladimir overheard some of the adults talking. They spoke a lot at the kitchens and most of the words were not of any consequence to a 15 year old boy, but what caught Vladimir’s attention was a man going on and on about a new life and a fresh start in a country he called America. It seems that anyone could get to America for the low price of one hundred fifty seven rubles. Vladimir listened intently he remembered the names and places that you could buy your way to a better life. Normally when Valdimir heard any talk concerning money it did not matter but things were bad for him and young Natalia, bad enough that for Natalia Vladimir would stoop so low as to steal to get the money for a fresh start. What he wouldn’t give to be able to have a better life for his sister and himself. A life were he could go to work and come home and have food for him and her and maybe they couldn’t even watch American television after work. The only television they see is through glass in the storefront of a small electronics store in downtown. They watch the television through the glass because homeless penniless orphans are not welcomed in the store. Yes Vladimir was certain that for a better life he would steal, lie cheat do whatever he needed to to get the three hundred fourteen rubles that would be needed. Vladimir had come up with a plan to steal the money from the electronics store. He had Natalai pack their bags the night he planned on stealing the money. His sister packed all their worldly belongings and waited in the alley for Vladaimir while he broke into the electronics store and stole all the money from the three cash registers and the safe. Vladimir had acquired a gun from a cart that a homeless man who also lived under the bridge had. He used the gun to shot the lock on the safe in the back office. He had never fired a gun before and was sure that the blast had made him deaf there was a ringing in his ear and then a dull pain and then nothing. He didn’t worry about that though he needed this money and he needed to get out of the store. He took the money without counting it and meet Natalia in the back alley. The two of them counted the money the was 550 rubles. That was the most money that he and Natalia had ever seen let alone had in their entire lives. The two of them went to the address he had heard the men at the kitchen mention and asked at the door for a man named Boris. Boris at first refused to help, because they were just kids. It wasn’t until Vladimir offered the man four hundred Rubles that he helped. The two didn’t make the trip to America in an airplane like the one Calvin Mitchell was boarding in Dulles no they had paid almost a months salary to be stow aways on a boat from Russia to Washington D.C. Once in Washington things did not get easier for the two not until Valdimir meet Olaf. Olaf gave Vladimir jobs and paid him money. Vladimir used the money to get an apartment and buy food and things were starting to look up for the now seventeen year old vladimir and the tweleve year old Natalia. The two were living the American dream. Every morning Vladimir would leave to go to work for Olaf. Vladimirs work usually involved oicking upo and dropping off packages for Olaf. Olaf was a local gangster in the D.C. area and Vladimir was training to become what some call a wise guy in Olafs organization. After work Vladimir would get home and Natalia would have cooked dinner she was a great cook and was even learning some american diners like meat loaf. This happened everyday untio the day it didn’t. Vladimir got home to the apartment and Natalia was gone. He spent the next two weeks looking for his sister. Olaf called Vladimir into his office and told him that his sister was lost. She had been killed by another family and that if he wanted to get his vegence he could show him how. Vladimir was eighteen then and that was when he started to work as a hit man for Olaf. he was Twenty five years old now and he still “worked” for Olaf but he also took the occasion contract form other sources as well. So it wasn’t hsi present that kept Vladimir from sleep it was his history.
The men taking orders from Rico looked back towards the place Rico was standing for more guidance when they noticed Rico was no longer there. They thought about how Rico would be the type of jerk to start them on some work unloading this truck leave and then come back. They figured he had gone off on some early morning booty call, but the truth was Rico was laying down dead on the ground with a bullet from Vladimirs FR F2 rifle. The low level henchmen had no idea about the bullet and nether did Rico. His death was painless perhaps his family will find solace in that fact. Vladimir was good at his craft, he had killed more men than he could remember. The first time he killed someone for Olaf did not go this smoothly. He used a burrowed Savage Arms 308 and his first shot at the unknowing victim was not a kill shot he had simply wounded the man, he chambered another round as quickly as possible and the next shot was a kill shot straight to the head. He fumbled with the clunky rifle got it in his bag and left his snipers nest but not before someone shot in the area near him. Hearing the bullet hit the the concrete near him scared him more than he ever remembered the fear. That fear was primal and sent adrenaline through his body. He climbed down from his nest took to the alley way and made it back to his apartment in DC in a matter of minutes. This hit today did not require running or chambering a second round, it was a professional silent kill. Vladimir was a professional, he was the best in DC and maybe the best in the country. He smiled as he thought of this while riding the DC subway. As he sat smiling he caught the eye of an attractive red head. The playful glance and smile from the red head, gave Valdimir hope for a night he may find sleep and not from his bottle therapy.

Sitting alone and cold in the holding cell in Allen county jail, the senator at shivering and thinking that maybe to help with the budget crisis the county city and state were in maybe his office should look into regulating the counties power usage, because he was sure that the power bill for this facility had to be astronomical. The senator was in the holding cell being held. He wasn’t sure how long he would wait for and what exactly he was waiting on. Thomas was confused, he didn’t know it was legal to be arrested without being charged but he was arrested. He hadn’t been fingerprinted, maybe that was what he was waiting on. “Thomas Strong.” An overweight police officer reading from an I Pad and calling out for Thomas was reaching his key ring with far to many keys to have any practical use. The key chain looked quite comical. He retrieved the cell key from the comical key ring and unlocked the cell door.The officer escorted Thomas through the maze like county building to a door behind the door was the Allen County Jail interrogation room. In this room hardening criminals have caved and confessed to murders and worse. If the senator was to follow the directions of The fixer he would never confess to anything. He decided to follow the advice of the high priced Calvin Mitchell, and when he looked over the table at the standing detective the same one who he answered questions with a few hours ago, he wished he had those answers back now, very badly he wished. Thomas inter locked is fingers together and rested his hands on the table as her stared at the detective and let him now that he would not wish to answer any more questions until his attorney showed up. This is what the police called lawyering up. “So you are not answering until you have proper representation, seems like a logical move senator.” The detective walked out of the interrogation room through a different door than the one that the officer used when he escorted Thomas into the room. The detective walked through the door into what could be best described as a hallway he closed the door behind him and stood next to his partner Barney Weaver. The two of them looked through the two way mirror at senator Strong. Barney spoke without looking over at his partner of eight years now. “You know Fred as soon as his attorney gets her we are going to have to cut him loose?” Fred Cline knew that his partner was right and as if on cue an officer stepped into the hallway and let the detectives know that the senators lawyer was here. Fred Cline told Barney to keep an eye on the suspect and he went out to speak to the attorney. Calvin had hired Thomas the best attorney he could find at this time in Fort Wayne Indiana, truth be told Calvin Mitchell’s firm had a type of retainer at the firm that employed Sam Smith and Sam Smith was sitting in the Allen County Jail thinking of how quickly his client had burned through the retainer for his firm and how much he was going to charge the client. Sam thought about how much he would charge the client because he was a partner in his firm he started as an associate and he learned how to bill. When he first started out at the firm he had envisioned being a crusader defending the innocent against corporate greed, but in the 12 years he had been part of the firm he had not only risen to the position of partner but he had also accepted that the attorneys position in todays society involved far less protection of the innocent and much more getting the not so innocent out of trouble. Not so innocent like senator Thomas Strong. Calvin had given Sam, over the phone, the quick version of the trouble the senator was in. Sam knew they couldn’t keep his client and he let detective Cline know as soon as he sat down in at the desk across from him. “Fred you can’t keep him, that is unless you have something I don’t know about. Do you Fred?” Fred Cline had been involved with law enforcement for almost sixteen years and he can’t remember on of those years that he liked lawyers. As a matter of fact if asked Fred would let you know that he hated attorneys. Fred felt like attorneys were most of what was wrong with the American judicial system, second of course to the criminals. Fred and his fellow men of the law would work their asses off catching the bad guys and then attorneys did the same thing only when they were ass less instead of being caught the bad guys would be free to roam the streets breaking laws. Despite his disdain for attorneys Fred actually kind of liked Sam Smith, Sam had worked with the DA with a case when Fred was a beat cop. The case was an ugly one involving a minor who was being abused by her Sunday School teacher and because of the help Sam gave the DA and the fact that he gave his help pro bono Sam had a modicum of respect for the man sitting across from his desk even though his profession still represented everything wrong with the American judicial system. Because of this modicum of respect the detective was honest with the attorney. “We don’t have anything else Sam. I only brought him down here to see if maybe there was something he wasn’t telling me. I mean this whole situation seems kind of hinky to me. Did you know that he and her were naked when the paramedics arrived there? I mean he is old enough to be her father for christ’s sake.” Sam looked at the cop he knew detective Cline fairly well he had been in and out of the precinct a few times on business and detective Cline had always been straightforward and decent with him, which he could not say for really any of the other men and blue there. He knew what the police force felt about attorneys especially defense attorney’s. They felt as though the defense attorney was worse than a criminal because the defense attorney’s worked to let the criminals free and the prosecution could only garner a little more respect, because the inept officers blamed the prosecution for lost cases and free criminals only a little bless than the defense attorney’s. Truth be told the officers needed the defense and prosecution as well as the judges to help keep the masses from storming the castles. If people didn’t get their “day in court” there would be trouble and when people watched and heard and read about even the guiltiest most hardened criminals getting their day in court the rested a little more easy and there was a trust built between the police force and the public it protected and served. Without a trust between a police force and it’s public there could be riots like LA during the Rodney KIng trial. So defense of the hardened criminals as well as the innocent was needed, but the senator was not at this moment a hardened criminal as far as Sam knew from the quick phone call Calvin Mitchell made the only thing he could see the senator of being guilt of was being a little freaky with an of age girl. “Look the woman is of age and as far as I know she was consenting. If you started locking people up for getting freaky with young women you would have to bring the paddy wagon down to the country club. Please let my client go detective.” The detective really wanted to keep the suspect for a little longer but he knew he couldn’t. “Alrighty I am letting you take him home but he has to stay in town.” The detective knew that the senator was not staying in town and he also knew that he legally did not have to stay in town, his demanding that the senator stay in town was just show it was the same as a male bird puffing out his chest or an ostrich puffing out his feathers and it did no good to do this in the presence of a seasoned lawyer like Sam. “My client has provided you with the schedule of his campaign stops as well as contact information e-mail and cell phone. He will make himself available with you or any other detective working on the case. That is if there even is an open case.” Sam looked at detective Cline and by the expression on the good detective face he quickly realized there wasn’t an open case yet. How could there have been a case opened the girl was alive and in the hospital Thomas Strong saved her life. “Detective I am going to need the case number provided to my office until there is a case number the senator will not be speaking with anyone from the police department about Ms. Grant. Now about releasing my client.” He stood up and handed the detective his business card and grabbed his coat if the back of the chair he was sitting in. As he grabbed his jacket he thought how it was kind of sad that the senator wasn’t being charged only sad because he could have milked this case for some serious hours which would be serious money but there would be other cases to milk and this one could have been really messy with the age of the senators caller and what not. While waiting for the senator in the precinct lobby he began to think that he had dodged the proverbial bullet by not having to defend the tawdry actions of the grandfatherly senator with the teenage libido. While Sam was wondering if he did dodge a bullet or not the senator who had just been released from the holding cell given his shoes and coat back and was walking to the hotel lobby knew that by zmichelle Grant not dying he had certainly dodged a bullet he was sure he was safe from being arrested again but he had no idea what was going to happen to his political career.


It was an unseasonably warm October Saturday morning, and with the election only a month away the incumbent senator, could have been worried about the most recent poll that point him 3 points behind a young up and coming candidate, he could have been worried about the unread bills sitting in his DC and Indiana offices, but he wasn’t worried about any of that stuff he had aides and interns who poured over the numbers and the bills and gave him neat and bulleted lists. Lists that he would read over with other interns and aides and make strategy changes. So thanks to the fervent efforts, of the interns, aides and staff of Indiana senator, Thomas Strong was able to stand on the platform in Fort Wayne Indiana, wave to the crowd enjoy the warm, October, afternoon, sun and spot a young busty blonde woman in the crowd. She couldn’t be more than twenty six years old. The senator was married but the sexual intimacy, and any intimacy for that matter, had left the marriage of Thomas and Helen Strong a decade and a half ago. In place of the intimacy was an underwritten agreement, Thomas and Helen could pursue sexual exploits with as many partners as they wished without embarrassing other partner with a scandal. At that moment there on the platform Thomas had found the woman he wished to engage in sexual intimacy with that night. Thomas was a busy man after this stump speech he had a dinner with important donors of his previous campaigns and this one now, after the dinner there was a silent auction and casino night at a local country club for one of Helens charities. Thomas and Helen would show up together he would say a few words about his beautiful wife and the charity. Thomas didn’t know what the charity was and he didn’t need to after dinner one of his staff would hand him a speech written by another staff member all about how beautiful his wife and how important the charity is. Thomas didn’t need to be reminded of how beautiful his wife was she was fifty three years old and she had taken good care of herself. She ran did Pilates and ate right. Thomas on the other hand was not the best looking man in almost any room. He was fifty five years old, drank scotch at almost every meal enjoyed his imported cigar on occasion, and had quit running when he turned fifty, his hair was gray, not graying or salt and pepper just gray he was certain in this relationship he was definitely the beast. Despite her beauty and grace Thomas would not be having sex tonight with his wife Helen tonight his plan was to have sex with the busty blonde who he was staring at while waving to the crowd at his Fort Wayne Indiana stump speech in October, and when Thomas Hunt walked off stage and in a hushed whisper asked his campaign manager Stephen Hunt if he saw the one he wanted Stephen simply answered with a yes sir and gave the senator a hearty slap on the back as they shook hands and walked away.
Michelle Grant was an idealistic twenty one year old Ivy Tech undergraduate working towards her MBA. She and her two roommates were supporters of Senator Strong and had carpooled together to come her the senator speak about the current campaign and the situation of the state of Indiana. Michelle knew that ninety percent of the senators stump speech was political hyperbole spewed forth to keep himself in power but she didn’t care the atmosphere at the rally was absolutely electric! Thomas Strong was owning this crowd! She had read somewhere that power was an aphrodisiac and she, had to agree with the text. She had never felt so turned on by such an older man before in her entire life and she may have just been imagining it but it looked like he was checking her out. Michelle dismissed the thought as crazy. There had to be at least a thousand people in the crowd there was no way that the senator was singling her out. I mean she was a pretty hot chick. She had her share of boyfriends before getting into college but she had sworn off relationships until graduation and other than four one night stands brought on by copious amount of alcohol and what can be described as marathon partying she had stuck to her guns. No relationships here she was at the rally a single driven college student who was being approached by a rather attractive member of the senators staff.
Stephen Hunt was a brown haired athletic tanned and good looking man. He graduated with honors from Georgetown University, with a degree in Political Science. Stephen put his resume in with one of the biggest head hunter firms in DC and his third choice was Senator strong. He had been the senators aide ever since he got out of school. He really liked his job, the senator was just a figure head he and the staff where the ones changing the world. They did all the work, they stayed up late reading and drafting the bills, senators speeches and strategies. Stephen loved almost every part of his job, every part except this one. Stephen was right next to Michelle when he extended his hand and offered his name to Michelle. “Good afternoon, my name is Stephen Hunt I am the senators aide, and Senator Strong wanted me to come and personally thank you for attending todays rally.” Michelle took Stephens hand and shook all the while smiling like the Cheshire Cat. She was right the senator was checking her out! “If you aren’t too busy would you like to grab a cup of coffee?” “I would love to, but I rode her with my friends, they are kind of like my ride.” Michelle looked at Stephen and was realizing with every second of her gaze how handsome he was. Stephen was wearing a dark blue Armani suit and his eyes wear a light brown and f Michelle wasn’t careful she could easily get lost. “Ma’am I can have a car carry you back to campus if that’s ok?” Michelle was a little freaked out but she was curious about where this could all lead to and she was starting to like Stephen. Michelle looked back at her friends, who were doing their best to give her an “are you sure” look, and let them know she would be back later. Michelle’s girlfriend Sarah was really into the handsome senators aide. Sarah gave Michelle a subtle thumbs up and let her know that they wouldn’t wait up for her. Sarah turned back the the group of Ivy Tech coeds and reassured them as they all headed back to the mini van they came to the rally in.
Stephen really hated this part of the senators job in an alternate universe Stephen would date a woman like Michelle but now in this universe Stephen was doing all the work so that his boss can have a roll in the hay with a women young enough to be both Stephens sister and the senators daughter. The whole ordeal was tawdry and tired. This would be the fourth time on this campaign Stephen had done this for the senator. The senator definitely had a type, big breasted white and blonde. Stephen was surprised at just how easy this was, not for himself but for the senator. He would invite the girl to coffee then dinner. All the while chatting up the senator, singing his praises and letting the unsuspecting and sometimes suspecting girl know that the senator really wanted to meet her but was extremely busy. Then after all the stalling and bravado the senator would call Stephen and he would take the young girl back to the hotel the senator was staying at. Stephen and the young lady would sit at the senators table, Stephen would make up some excuse and let himself out of the hotel. He wasn’t sure exactly what would happen after that. He brought the young ladies to the hotel and the senator was on his own from there on. Stephen liked to believe that the senator had this amazing charisma and game but when he thought about it and especially after spending the better part of the day with these young ladies Stephen knew that the senator didn’t need any game to bed these women. These women suffered from hero worship in the biggest way and the object of their lust, exploited this as often as Stephen was sure his fifty eight year old heart could bear. Michelle was no different than the other women exploited by the senator. Over coffee and at dinner, without much coaxing from Stephen MIchelle went on and on about the senator you might even say she was gushing. Michelle spoke about his bold and compassionate policies and she knew all the stances the senator took on all the issues better than, well the senator. Stephen thought twice about telling Michelle that the policies and stances were not a creation of the senators but of the senators dream team, which he was basically the leader of, but he didn’t tell her, he allowed her to go on and on about the senator.
The Red River Lounge was the finest restaurant at the Fort Wayne Marriott hotel in which the senator was staying. Mrs. Strong would be spending the night across town at the Hyatt which is the same place the senator was at just a few hours earlier giving the speech his staff had prepared for him at his wife’s charity dinner. The senator let his staff and wife know that he would need to leave the hotel so that he could go in to Indianapolis and some work in the office. Of course all his staff and his wife new the truth but they would stay with the wife at the Hyatt and Stephen had already booked a room in his name that the senator would stay at and Stephen would stay in another room at the Marriott as well.

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